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Dusseldorf, Germany – May 2012  

Occurring only once every four years, Drupa is to the printing industry, what the olympics is to an elite athlete.  

Chapel Press represented Australia, as the letterpress underdog, amongst the heavyweights of the international printing community. The aim was to stay abreast of any technological developments, source supplies and to further develop relationships with overseas partners.

Highlights include meeting Florian Kolhler, CEO and owner of Gmund Paper Mill. Visiting the letterpress printing museum demonstration exhibit where we purchased every letterpress poster available for sale. Posters hang proudly on display in our Moorabbin showroom.


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Gmund, Germany – May 2012

Paper culture since 1829

A short flight from Cologne to Munich, a 90 minute limousine ride down to the foothills of the Bavarian Alps to visit the Gmund. Special thanks to our expert guide and german interpreter Herbert Eibach for allowing us to experience many aspects of his cultural and paper heritage.  

The tour commenced in the paper museum where we hand made paper using traditional techniques. Followed by inspection of the pulping, paper machines, reel storage, converting, embossing, sheeting, quality control and sample department. We were also privileged to visit the paper laboratory to meet with the Stephan Treske, Technical Director and discuss ways to further develop the Gmund Cotton paper range for letterpress.  


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Melbourne – August 2019  


Ferrari 101Collins

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Melbourne – July 2011  

Debbie Ryan, Michaela Webb, Pascale Gomes-Mcnabb, Ian Wong and Beci Orpin.  

5 design luminaries present 5 facets of a colour of their choice at this fast paced, highly visual event, hosted by Zenith.  

Chapel Press were a proud participating sponsor, letterpress printing event invitations designed by Studio Round. Thanks to the Gmund Paper Mill for providing their luxurious 600gsm Gmund Cotton Linen Cream paper stock. This was the very first opportunity to showcase the new letterpress cotton stock. The finished invitations were letterpress printed in tinted varnish on 600gsm stock, duplex mounted to make 1200gsm with elaborate forme cut finish.  


New York, New York – May 2007, 2008, 2010  

Chapel Press first visited the National Stationery Show in New York back in 2007, which was a real eye opener into the international world of letterpress. At the time there were only a handle full of letterpress enthusiasts here in Australia, so it was great to rub shoulders with many other letterpress people from across North America.  

Of the 1400 exhibitors throughout the stationery show, approximately 100 or more booths had letterpress wares on display. At this time, retailers were experiencing what they believed to be the peak of a 10 year letterpress boom within the USA.  

All in all, it was a great experience to see how letterpress had evolved in the USA and it ignited our enthusiasm to further develope the letterpress market back home in Australia.  

2008 was the year Chapel Press exhibited at the National Stationery Show in New York. After months of preparation to build the stand and print promotional material, everything came together just in time for opening day. This was the launch of the new Chapel Press Collection, a range of designer letterpress wedding stationery.

Once again in 2010 Chapel Press visited the NSS and took the entire design team and production team along for the ride. Thanks to the new Qantas A380 and discount ticketing we were there in a heart beat. It was great to catch up with many of our international letterpress friends we had met on previous visits.


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